Accused Of Using Money Earned Illegally Or Converting Ill-Gotten Gains?

The State of Florida and federal law enforcement agencies have sophisticated tools for tracking the proceeds of criminal enterprise, and broad authority to seize cash or property they believe are connected to illegal activity.

The law firm of Stone Lockett has been successful in defending clients against money laundering charges, and in holding the government accountable in asset seizure and forfeiture. We take cases in Jacksonville, northeast Florida and statewide. Contact us today for a free consultation with lawyers experienced in white collar crime defense.

Skilled Representation for Money Laundering

We have represented individuals accused of laundering the profits of drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, fraud, embezzlement, bribery, insider trading or other crimes. We have defended business owners, corporate executives, tax and accounting professionals and others facing potential prison sentences for placement, layering or integration of illicit proceeds.

Mitch Stone is a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with 20 years of experience. He is a former prosecutor who prosecuted major financial crimes in the past. Because of that he understands how to defend clients against state and federal prosecutions involving money laundering, bank fraud and wire fraud. He is effective at chipping away the veneer of the prosecution's case as it relates to wire transfers, bank deposits, purchase of securities and other financial transactions, confiscation of large amounts of cash, or business entities supposedly fronting to legitimize criminal profits. His courtroom skills and thorough, aggressive analysis of the evidence has resulted acquittals and dismissals, or mitigated sentences, in major money laundering cases.

Recovery of Seized Assets

Under the Money Laundering Control Act, the Patriot Act and other state and federal legislation, the government can seize or freeze (a) intercepted cash, bank accounts, real estate or other conversion of criminal gains, and (b) cars, homes and other property directly connected to a criminal enterprise. If the confiscated assets are determined illicit or positively connected to a crime, they are subject to forfeiture.

Law enforcement uses asset forfeiture to undercut organized crime and auction of seized assets to fund crime-fighting efforts. But they commonly exceed the bounds of search warrants or seize cash and property without probable cause. Stone Lockett has had success is preventing asset forfeiture, and in recovering seized assets when the prosecution can't prove a nexus to criminal activity.

With everything at stake, you need an attorney effective in refuting these allegations. Call our Jacksonville office at 904-396-3335 for a free, confidential consultation.