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Fish & Game Violations

Fish & Game Violation Lawyer in Jacksonville

Disturbing Aquatic Wildlife or Habitat in Florida

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. has represented boaters, fishermen, and hunters prosecuted for fish and game violations brought by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), The Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Coast Guard in offshore waters.

We handle cases involving the following violations, and more:

  • Fishing without a license or out of season
  • Fishing or hunting after license suspended
  • Hunting too close to feeders
  • Importing endangered species (Lacy Act Violations)
  • Exceeding bag limits or possessing commercial quantities
  • Poaching or trafficking in off-limit species
  • Harvesting coral or damaging reefs
  • Manatee zone boating violations
  • Harassing or killing a manatee, alligator, or other protected animal
  • Polluting Nature Preserves, Rivers and Oceans

These offenses can carry stiff penalties, fines, and forfeiture of fishing and hunting privileges. Some offenses can result in felony convictions, and prison sentences. It is critical to understand the possible consequences before paying a fine or pleading guilty.


If you are charged with a criminal offense, Mitch Stone is one of the few Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers in Florida knowledgeable in this area of the law. He has represented people charged in State and Federal courts for such violations and works diligently to protect the rights of the arrested and accused.

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