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If you or your business is the target of a state of federal investigation for health care fraud, the Jacksonville, Florida, criminal defense team at Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. offers the experienced representation to protect your rights and minimize the fallout.

Mitch Stone has represented medical doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, medical professionals, medical supply companies, and individuals against federal and state court health care fraud prosecutions. He has succeeded in getting charges dismissed in some cases, as well as negotiating pleas to lesser charges that avoid or reduce exposure to prison time. He has successfully resolved asset forfeiture claims based on allegations of criminal health care fraud. We understand that your livelihood, assets, professional license and your freedom are on the line. Mitch Stone makes it a point to examine every avenue for challenging the government's charges.

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. is equipped to defend against charges of double billing, upcoding, claims for unnecessary medical procedures, bogus insurance claims, prescription fraud, fake accidents, and other related health care criminal charges.

We help clients is cases including:

  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Private health insurance fraud
  • ERISA and private disability insurance fraud

In addition to criminal proceedings, we can assist by ensuring appropriate representation of our health care professional clients is covered in related administrative proceedings before medical boards and DEA licensing boards to avoid or minimize sanctions that can impact a client's professional license.

Success Stories

Mitch Stone has successfully represented a psychiatrist in a criminal investigation where no charges were able to be filed based on the defenses proven before the grand jury indicted.

He has represented a medical doctor who was under contract to provide services to a medical clinic that had engaged in millions of dollars in billing fraud. Although the doctor was a target initially, after the defense investigation that Stone conducted, he met with the U.S. Attorney and several case agents over the course of two days and the doctor was cleared and never charged.

Mitch Stone represented a medical supply company official in a 45-count indictment involving the sale of oxygen and wheelchairs. In the end the case resolved for one minor misdemeanor count, no incarceration, and no asset forfeiture.

Attorney Stone represented a chiropractor accused by the federal government of conspiracy involving a claim of fraudulent referrals to an MRI center. The case against the chiropractor fell apart due to the information uncovered by Stone that revealed the referrals were completely legitimate. Although the owners of the MRI center and other chiropractors plead guilty, his client was exonerated.

Mitch Stone represented a podiatrist accused of Medicaid/Medicare fraud for excessive Medicare billing based on work performed at assisted living facilities. The claimed fraud involved millions of dollars. His client received a minimum sentence based on the information Stone presented at sentencing that proved the government's figures were inflated. His client served less than 10 months in a Federal prison camp instead of the over 10 years the government sought for a sentence.

Protecting the Rights of Health Care Professionals

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. is a firm known for its aggressive and thorough defense work. From investigations to motion practice to trial he has ensured his clients receive favorable results sometimes without clients ever having to see the inside of a courtroom. Competent capable representation before charges are filed is essential and can and does result in better results for clients who realize that going it alone may lead to disaster.

There are many legitimate defenses against Florida health care fraud allegations. Mitch Stone understands how the government proves cases so he knows how to challenge the validity of the evidence, he knows what to look for in determining if sufficient evidence existed to support the execution of search warrants. He knows how to cross examine and test the credibility of informants. He knows how to develop entrapment defenses based on tactics of undercover agents. He knows that critically analyzing the evidence in the prosecution's case is important and necessary.

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Our goal is to keep our clients out of prison and to protect their professional reputation in what may be very public proceedings. It is important to retain legal counsel before answering any questions. "Cooperating" with investigators may be cooperating in your own downfall. For skilled and vigorous defense, contact our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer today.

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