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In their zeal to stop mortgage fraud, state and federal prosecutors cast a wide net. From lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals to homebuyers, the law firm of Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. has defended numerous people caught up in these investigations.

If you have been indicted in relation to a mortgage fraud investigation, or suspect you are under investigation as a party to fraud, it is critical to consult an attorney before making any statements. Even if you think you can clear your name or get credit for cooperating with law enforcement, any information you volunteer can and will be used by investigators or prosecutors to build a case against you.

Jacksonville-based board-certified criminal defense lawyer Mitch Stone provides skilled defense to individuals and corporations in Florida, and nationwide. He has obtained dismissals and jury acquittals in major mortgage fraud conspiracy prosecutions. He has helped many clients avoid charges or mitigate the punishment if a conviction is unavoidable.

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Mortgage Fraud & Related Crimes

Attorney Mitch Stone is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer who has defended clients against complex prosecutions stemming from mortgage loans and property transactions:

  • Mortgage fraud for profit — Straw buyer schemes and other collusion to obtain bogus mortgages or flip properties at artificially inflated values.
  • Mortgage fraud for housing — Exaggerated income or other false information on a mortgage loan applications.
  • TARP fraud — Kickbacks, misrepresentation, misuse of funds or other fraud involving loan modifications or bailout money through the federal Troubled Asset Relief Program.
  • Bank fraud — Defrauding a financial institution (bank, credit union, savings and loan) to obtain commercial or personal financing.
  • Real estate fraud — Selling nonexistent property, concealing defects or misleading buyers about the value, condition or encumbrances of the property.

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. has defended homebuyers, real estate investors, real estate appraisers, mortgage brokers and bankers, real estate agents and loan processors accused of mortgage fraud and related charges. The indictments commonly carry additional charges such as wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy, money laundering, or tax fraud. Mitch Stone has a proven record of challenging these cases to his clients' benefit.

Savvy Representation for Investigations Before Formal Charges Are Filed

Mitch Stone has counseled targets of state and federal investigations and grand jury investigations. He has successfully defended clients through trial after they were indicted for mortgage fraud and other related crimes. He knows how to advise clients on what is safe to say to authorities, especially if they are not yet charged with a crime. If contacted before charges have been lodged or an arrest has been made Stone knows what to do to stop formal charges from being filed against clients who are targets of investigations. It is always best to negotiate from a position of power. Sometimes it may appear the government holds all the cards but Stone's experience and reputation can even the playing field for clients.

If the prosecution has already begun, Stone understands how to engage the other side, how to decipher the documentation involved in mortgage and other financial transactions and how to turn the tables if the evidence is not reliable. Stone is skilled at finding the information necessary to defend clients. Sometimes that means raising doubt concerning their involvement in the scheme or simply proving lack of criminal intent to defraud. See our criminal defense Success Stories.

Mortgage fraud and bank fraud are serious felonies carrying years in prison and hefty fines as penalties. With your freedom at stake, you need an experienced criminal law attorney who understands these prosecutions and federal court.

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