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At Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., defense lawyer Mitch Stone has the proven skills to fight your solicitation and prostitution charges. Pimping and sex trafficking in Jacksonville can carry significant penalties including lengthy prison sentences. These penalties can also have damaging affects on your personal life as well. They require the attention of a lawyer who has extensive experience in how to best protect your rights.

Attorney Mitch Stone has been assisting clients facing these charges for decades and is prepared to deploy proven defense strategies to ensure clients are treated fairly. If you or someone you know is facing these charges, it is important to seek aggressive legal representation. Our Jacksonville criminal defense attorney understands how difficult it can be discussing these charge. That is why we listen intently to your side of the story and work hard to protect your future.

Sex crime charges are difficult to discuss, that is why our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer offers FREE confidential consultations. Take the right steps to protect your future by contacting Mitchell A. Stone, P.A.

Is Prostitution Legal in Florida?

Like many states, prostitution is still illegal in Florida. Prostitution is defined by Florida statute 796.07 as the receiving or performing of sexual acts for hire. This excludes the sexual activity between spouses. A first offense prostitution charge is punishable with a jail sentence and up to $5000 in fines. Prostitution stings are commonly set up by police in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. These stings can involve female police officers posing as a prostitute on the street or police putting ads on Craigslist or in the newspaper.

If you have been arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute, do not speak with the police or other investigators. It is far better for your future if you speak with a proven attorney first and let him communicate with the law enforcement officials and prosecutors. At Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., we are skilled at minimizing the publicity associated with your charges and will fight to have the case resolved discreetly or have it dismissed entirely.

Prostitution in Spas and Massage Parlors

There has been an effort by law enforcement to combat prostitution that occurs in massage parlors and spas. Florida statute 796.07 states that it is illegal to own and operate a structure that offers or agrees to engage in lewd behavior. Most often law enforcement will send in undercover officers posing as customers looking for sex rather than a massage. Conversations with the staff that can be conveyed as sexually charged can lead to prostitution charges of the staff, management, and owners even if no sexual contact is made. Mitch Stone has successfully defended clients charged in those circumstances.

Charging customers who frequent those businesses with soliciting prostitution is rare. Recently Florida law enforcement placed video surveillance inside a spa to document prostitution. That was based on allegations of trafficking and sex slavery. Both of which are felony charges in Florida, and could potentially justify such extreme measures. That is rare, but it shows what the government is willing to do to prove a case. Nevertheless, that type of police procedure is not necessarily legal based on Florida search warrant laws, and constitutional challenges exist to defend those accused of misdemeanor prostitution in those cases.

DILIGENT and Discrete Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney

Mitch A. Stone, P.A. understands the law and how to apply it to achieve favorable results even in the face of what seems like insurmountable evidence. The criminal defense system is not easy to navigate and you need the best resources in your corner. We care deeply about the outcome of every case we handle and will be working with you to build the strongest defense possible. Our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers are ready to protect your rights and help you avoid the negative consequences of a solicitation or prostitution charge. We have Spanish speakers on staff.

If you or a loved one are facing prostitution charges, schedule your FREE confidential case review to see how our Jacksonville defense lawyer can help protect your future.

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