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Read more about our firm’s news and television coverage, as well as articles and seminars Attorney Mitchell A. Stone has written and published. Our knowledge, legacy, and trusted counsel speaks to our high standards of client representation as well as our competency in our field.

  • A new day for Florida gambling dawned last week with a major expansion of both the types of games offered and the ease of accessing them.

  • ‘I’ll try to defend myself:’ Charges dropped against man who was arrested after capturing thief. Read more here.

  • Mitchell Stone speaks with CBS about the pros and cons of representing Donald Trump. Read more here.

  • Stone provides expert analysis on case involving suspended drivers license charge. Read more here.

  • 'Pillow Talk': Can Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife testify in the murder case against her husband? Murder charges against Mario Fernandez Saldana in Jared Bridegan’s killing raise questions about the limits of spousal privilege. Stone explains how that may play out in court. Read more here.

  • Stone asked to provide legal analysis on case involving Driving on Suspended License Causing Accident and Great Bodily Harm. Read more here.

  • Stone explains the defense strategy in the filing of motions pertaining to the their client and the trial. Read more here.

  • Stone Prevails on Conspiracy Counts in Federal Public Corruption Case. Read more here.

  • Mitch Stone is lead counsel at trial for lawyer accused of public corruption conspiracy with State Attorney. Read more here.

  • Jury finds lawyer not guilty of conspiracy charges. Read more here.

  • Jacksonville Magazine Best Lawyers. Read more here.

  • How Much Will You Pay to Defend Capitol Hill Rioters? Read more here.

  • Snapshot: The Bribery Case Facing An Ex-Fla. State Atty. Read more here.

  • US: Lawyers back removal of Klu Klux Klan courthouse mural. Read more here.

  • Lawsuit alleges student was assaulted on campus of Duval County high school. Read more here.

mitch stone protest interview
mitch stone protest interview
  • JSO releases bodycam footage from Jacksonville protests in May. Read more here.
  • Prosecutor: No ‘ultimatum’ given to Sheriff Daniels. Read more here.
  • Mitch Stone leading state criminal defense attorney association. Read more here.
  • Charges dropped against 48 arrested in 1st weekend of Jacksonville protests. Read more here.
  • Public defender: State Attorney’s Office reviewing protest videos to determine whether to drop charges. Read more here.

mitch stone protest interview

  • Coronavirus: Social distancing is hard when you’re booked in the Jacksonville jail. Read more here.
  • Community members concerned about jury that decided former Kingsland police officer's fate. Read more here.
  • How Legalizing Hemp Accidentally Helped Marijuana Suspects. Read more here.
  • Attorney Mitchell Stone defends client Jason Cory, SharedLabs' founder and former CEO, in Embezzlement case, which is now under FBI investigation. Read more here.

  • Claims Against Cruisers, Workers Didn't Spit in Food. Read more here.

Attorney: No one is Splitting in food at cruisers

How to Boost You Chances at Winning the Lottery

  • At least 12 crashes involving JSO cruisers reported in 2019

At least 12 crashes involving JSO cruisers reported in 2019


Kelly Mathis Appeal





  • Watch the Latest News Coverage Regarding the Regulation of Florida's Internet Cafes

Mitch Stone Interview News4Jax

See the Coverage at News4Jax.com

Mitchell Stone interviewed regarding Kelly Mathis

  • Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., Interviewed on Action News Jax Regarding Intoxilyzer 8000 Software Challenge
  • Twists and Turns in Federal Honey Case Lead to Judge's Rebuke of Prosecution, Dismissal of Charges.


  • Mitchell Stone Currently Represents Attorney Kelly Mathis in the Allied Veterans Internet Cafe Case.
  • Prosecutor dismisses gambling charges against Mitchell Stone's client Kelly Mathis


  • St. Augustine Attorney Sentenced to 2 Years After Stealing $100k From 3 Clients


  • Kelly Mathis Appeal. October 17, 2016
  • Accused 'Mastermind' of Internet Cafe Scheme Says He'll Have Trial
  • View Some of the Regional and National Coverage:
  1. Huffington Post / AP
  2. Associated Press Story
  3. The Washington Post
  • Television Coverage:

Mitchell Stone New 4 Jacksonville

Mitch Stone featured on News 4 Jacksonville segment

  • Attorney Mitchell Stone is a featured author in a New Aspatore Law Book.
Property Crimes Book - Mitchell Stone

Property Crimes Defense Strategies:

Leading Lawyer on Adapting to Recent Trends, Working with Law Enforcement, and Preparing a Solid Defense (Inside the Minds)

  • Criminal Defense Attorney Mitchell Stone is often a featured author in Florida Defender Magazine.
Some recent publications include the following:

Florida Defender Sequestering Justice

Florida Defender Volume 25, No. 1

Florida Defender

FD Why Trial Matters
FD Shaken Baby
FD Evaluating Mental Competency
  • Mitch Stone selected editor of Florida Defender Magazine

Mitch Stone selected editor of Florida Defender Magazine

  • Attorney Mitchell A. Stone is a leader in his field and both organizes and instructs at criminal defense seminars throughout Florida.

Masters of DUI 2012

Masters of DUI 2014

Blood Breath and Tears 2010

Blood Breath and Tears 2011

Blood Breath and Tears 2013


  • Mitchell Stone gets Charges Dismissed for a Man Accused of Mortgage Fraud and Money laundering.
Mitchell Stone gets Charges Dismissed
Blood Pressure
  • Mitch Stone chosen as one of Florida Legal Elite
Legal Elite
  • Mitch Stone named Best Lawyers in Northeast Florida 2019

Mitch Stone named Best Lawyers in Northeast Florida 2019

  • Mitch Stone has been published in the Florida Defender Magazine on numerous occasions. See the list of published articles below:
    • DUI Notes: 3 Things You Should Know About (Winter 2006)
    • DUI Notes: An Achiever’s Guide to Law Enforcement Jurisdiction in Florida (Fall 2008)
    • DUI Notes: Cowboy Kikker or Candy Bar… Read the Label Winter (2008-2009)
    • DUI Notes: Boating Under the Influence (Fall 2009)
    • DUI Notes: Oh, Brother What Will They Think of Next (Spring 2009)
    • DUI Notes: DMV Fought the Law and the Law Won Or Can I get some BTUs (Summer 2009)
    • DUI Notes: Nothing to Sneeze At (Winter 2009)
    • DUI Notes: Working’ with Workman (Fall 2010)
    • DUI Notes: Who Said Hearsay was Admissible? (Spring 2010)
    • DUI Notes: Guilt by Implication –Implying More than Consent (Summer 2010)
    • DUI Notes: DUI MURDER A Matter of Prosecutorial Discretion (Winter 2010)
    • DUI Notes: Bullcoming! (Fall 2011)
    • DUI Notes: You’re Putting Me ON, Right? (Spring 2011)
    • DUI Notes: Affirmative DUI Defenses that Might Just Work (Summer 2011)
    • DUI Notes: Is He Really Permitted to Ask You to Blow? (Winter 2011)
    • DUI Notes: ONE AND DONE? Maybe Not. (Fall 2012)
    • DUI Notes: It’s Not a Cinderella Story (Spring 2012)
    • DUI Notes: An Unintended Consequence (Summer 2012)
    • DUI Notes: A Case for Accident Reconstruction Experts (Winter 2012)
    • DUI Notes: Ch-Ch-Cha –Changes… Recent Changes to laws concerning DMV Suspensions (Fall 2013)
    • DUI Notes: What Difference Does a Hole Make? (Spring 2013)
    • DUI Notes: The End of an Error (Summer 2013)
    • DUI Notes: Cause and Rehabilitation in DUI Trials (Winter 2013)
    • DUI Notes: Pop Stars Get Popped (Spring 2014)
    • DUI Notes: The End of DUI Defense? Maybe, But Not So Fast (Summer 2014)
    • F WORDS: Get Your Federally Incarcerated Client an Amendment 782 Sentence Reduction Now! Well, Sort of… (Spring 2015)
    • F Words: Did He Just Use the F Word in Front of the Jury? (Summer 2015)
    • The Fantasy About Fantasy Games in Florida (Winter 2015)
    • F Words: Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent? (Fall 2016)
    • F Words: DO you Have a Dog in This Fight (Summer 2016)
    • F words: Fact is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction (Winter 2016)
    • F Words: Defending a Case of Criminal Legal Malpractice (Summer 2017)
    • F Words: Follow the Bitcoin.. or Track Me If You Can (Winter 2017-2018)
    • Who Are We? William “Bill" Sheppard, Esq. (Spring 2018)

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  • Mitch has all of my appreciation for his hard work and headstrong attitude.

    “Mitch has all of my appreciation for his hard work and headstrong attitude.”

    - Past Client
  • Great attorney, great man!

    “Top notch at his profession and Integrity is the word that comes to mind when I think of Mitch Stone!”

    - Jeremy
  • You guys are the best!

    “Thank you so much for your help in my case, Jamie. You and Mitch have both been a pleasure to work with. You two have gone above and beyond to help me. I greatly appreciate the help of your firm. You ...”

    - Former Client
  • He has the trial skills that are admired by fellow defense attorneys, prosecutors, and the judges.

    “If you, a family member, or friend is faced with a difficult situation in the form of an arrest or criminal prosecution, Mitch Stone is a great choice to serve as the defense attorney.”

    - Endorsed by: Attorney D. Wolf
  • Mitch is a stellar attorney.

    “He's a zealous courtroom advocate, and one of the hardest working attorneys I've met”

    - Endorsed by: Attorney E. Wilcox

  • Stand Your Ground Immunity Granted Attempted Murder
  • All Charges Dismissed Child Pornography
  • Not Guilty DUI Manslaughter
  • Causation Challenged - Charges Dismissed DUI Manslaughter
  • Motions Granted - Charges Dismissed Federal Bank Fraud
  • Not Guilty of All Charges Federal Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
  • Not Guilty of All Charges Federal Firearms
  • Liquor Distributor Exonerated Modern Day Bootlegging
  • Alleged Legal Mastermind Exonerated RICO Gambling Conspiracy
  • Not Guilty of All Charges Social Security Fraud

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