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If you are under suspicion, have been contacted by law enforcement or have been charged with a crime, whether a federal crime, state felony, misdemeanor or other lesser offense, it is important to be represented by an experienced lawyer who practices criminal law, knows the prosecutors and understands the court system. It is even more important to seek the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney before making any statement or responding to questions from police, investigators, or prosecutors.

Mitch Stone is that lawyer. He makes it a point to know as much or more than the opposition knows: about the law, about the facts and about the evidence. If retained early in the proceedings he can often times meet with the state or federal government and demonstrate that there is a lack of evidence to prove a case, or that certain procedures were not followed which to support suppression of evidence or a complete dismissal of the case.

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Our Criminal Law Practice

Drug Crimes

Drug crime convictions can have a devastating impact on your life. Mitch Stone provides skilled and creative defense strategies to challenge the government's case.

Fraud & White Collar Crimes

The agents and prosecutors in these type cases are experienced, educated and trained to develop evidence to convict. Mitch Stone has the knowledge and experience to meet them head on. He provides clients a sophisticated defense methodology to counter these financial crimes investigations by the FBI, DEA, IRS, SEC, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies. Mitch Stone has experience in handling major indictments including:

Violent Crimes & Weapons Charges

State and federal authorities have made the prosecution of violent crimes and firearms and other dangerous weapons charges cases a priority. Minimum mandatory sentencing and enhanced prison terms apply to convictions in this arena. Board-certified criminal trial lawyer Mitch Stone has developed effective strategies to counter such prosecutions. As a result, clients have experienced favorable results, including suppression of evidence, dismissal, and not guilty verdicts at trial.

Sexual Offenses

Few charges involve as much emotion and prejudice against the accused as sexual offenses. The consequences for someone convicted of a sex crime includes up to life in prison with minimum mandatory terms along with sexual offender registration requirements which are like a life sentence in and of themselves. Mitchell A. Stone is a former prosecutor who was assigned to the Special Victims Unit (SVU). He has the experience, knowledge and reputation to ensure his clients are treated fairly, even in the face of such emotionally charged allegations. He has consistently produced favorable results due to strategic, effective and aggressive defense work in the specific area of sex crimes.

DUI & Driving Offenses

Mitchell A. Stone is recognized across Florida and the United States as an authority on DUI and drunk driving defenses. Mitch Stone was appointed by the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL) to chair the largest and most comprehensive DUI Defense Seminar in the State of Florida, Blood, Breath & Tears. He held that position for seven (7) years from 2011-2017. Prior to that he served as faculty for over ten years on that seminar. He has also served as faculty on the Florida Bar’s Masters of DUI from 2009-present. He has also served as faculty on the DUI Defense Lawyers of America’s Diving into DUI seminar and the Lorman DUI seminar. For the past two decades Mitch Stone has taught other lawyers how to defend DUI cases. He has also conducted over 100 criminal DUI jury trials to verdict. With his knowledge, experience and reputation Mitch Stone is prepared to defend DUI cases at all stages including jury trials.

Other Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

Mitchell A. Stone has successfully defended clients in all types of criminal cases including:

  • BUI (Boating under the Influence) and other boating violations and offenses
  • Fish and Wildlife Violations: Unlicensed Hunting and Fishing, Out of Season Hunting and Fishing, Illegal Hunting and Fishing in Regulated Areas, Oversized and Undersized Fishing, Illegal Killing of Wildlife, Protected Species Violations, Lacy Act Violations, Disturbing Wildlife and Environmental Violations.
  • Theft, Burglary, and Property Crimes — Mitch Stone is a contributing author of a published treatise on property crimes. He has defended clients against all types of charges related to property crimes including major felony property crimes.
  • Juvenile Crimes — Mitch Stone was assigned to the juvenile major felony prosecution unit and understands that there is a difference between a juvenile who is going down the wrong path and a kid who has made a mistake by getting involved in a criminal act. Either way he works hard to protect the rights of your child in order to prevent a bad decision from ruining his or her future.
  • Law Enforcement Defense — There is no leniency when police officers are accused of crimes. Prosecutors and judges are eager to demonstrate that no one is above the law. Mitch Stone understands that everyone including police sometimes find themselves in the crosshairs of an investigation. Police sometimes can be wrongly accused of a crime or can sometimes make a mistake and find themselves criminally charged. Like all people Law Enforcement officers deserve to be treated fairly in the system. Mitch Stone knows that law enforcement officers in that situation need a strong, experienced defense attorney who knows how to diffuse a potentially explosive situation. Mitch Stone has successfully represented police officers and other law enforcement officers from state and federal agencies who have been charged with crimes or investigated. He knows what to do and how to accomplish the goals.
  • Grand Jury Proceedings — Mitch Stone knows the law and knows how to advise and represent targets of investigations, witnesses or subjects to prevent them from being indicted in by state or federal grand juries.
  • Post-Conviction Relief — Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., represents clients who have been convicted and need help. Post-conviction motions, motions to reduce sentences and criminal appeals are all part of his criminal defense practice. These tools are used regularly by the firm to the benefit clients including those with special circumstances. Freeing someone from a prison sentence and clearing their criminal history or demonstrating someone was wrongfully convicted based on ineffective assistance of counsel or newly discovered evidence is important work. Reopening old convictions for immigrants facing deportation, or barriers to citizenship can lead to citizenship where no hope existed before. Reversing convictions for clients who have had their professional or business licenses revoked can be vital to someone’s future. Mitch Stone knows how to use these legal tools to get the job done for his clients.

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