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Like many other states, Florida has strict gambling laws dictating who may gamble, where gambling may occur, and the amount that can be wagered. Illegal gambling, therefore, involves participating in a “game of chance” (including card games) for monetary gain or for an item of value when the circumstances are prohibited by state or federal law.

If you have been arrested for or charged with illegal gambling, contact our Jacksonville illegal gambling lawyer right away. These types of offenses are taken seriously by law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges and could result in serious penalties, including but not limited to steep fines and jail time. It is crucial that you act quickly to protect your rights.

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Florida Illegal Gambling Laws

Certain forms of gambling are legal under Florida state law. This includes gambling in Indian casinos (as outlined by and adherent to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act), wagering on horse and dog races at permitted tracks, and gambling of various types (poker, bridge, dominoes, mahjongg, etc.) in private dwellings if winnings do not exceed $10. Cardrooms and bingo, as well as ja-alai, are also allowed by law.

Examples of banned forms of gambling in Florida include:

  • Internet café gambling
  • Online casinos/online poker
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Chain letters
  • Gambling by minors (under age 18)

In most instances, the circumstances surrounding the event determine whether or not illegal gambling has taken place. For example, while an adult may legally gamble using a designated machine at a horse racing track, a person under the age of 18 may not. Additionally, recent legislation explicitly outlaws internet café/online gambling, and law enforcement has been taking a harsh stance on these forms of illegal gambling.

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