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When a police officer or other law enforcement official is charged with a crime, it is imperative they speak with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that their rights are protected. Prosecuting authorities handle cases involving law enforcement officials vigorously to demonstrate the officer is not above the law. Because a prosecutor may feel pressure to "make an example" of the officer charged, they may seek more severe consequences than if the individual had not been a law enforcement officer.

If you are a police officer, federal agent, law enforcement officer, or department of corrections officer in need of comprehensive and aggressive defense services, Mitch Stone and his staff at Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. have the knowledge, experience and reputation to provide the best defense necessary to protect your rights.


Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Mitch Stone defends police, federal agents, law enforcement officers, and corrections officers accused of a wide range of criminal allegations, such as:

We take the time to look at all the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest and alleged crime. Our firm also employs the services of experts and professionals who help examine all the evidence in the case so we can provide compelling and convincing explanations and arguments to a judge or jury.


Going to jail is far more serious for police officers. Their arrest, booking, and jailing leaves them vulnerable in a system that may fail to adequately protect them from physical threats and bodily harm. Jailed officers are often placed in isolation to protect them, but this "protection" may result in conditions that are physically and emotionally taxing. We make it a priority to seek the release of our client from jail in order to avoid these potentially devastating problems.

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