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Whether for immigrants whose status is jeopardized by a criminal conviction; or for a young adult who may be rejected from a college of their choice due to a criminal record, or anyone who may not qualify for a job or get licensed based on a prior conviction, Post-Conviction relief is a big part of the criminal defense work at Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. We know how important removing a past conviction and clearing the criminal history is to our clients. Mitchell A. Stone has developed effective strategies in seeking and obtaining post-conviction relief.

Attorney Mitch Stone has been successful in attacking old and more recent convictions based on ineffective assistance of counsel or newly discovered evidence. He understands that a thorough investigation of the facts and law is essential in order to understand the case and find what the client’s prior attorney may have missed or overlooked. In determining if a conviction can be reversed and a better result achieved it is important to closely analyze and review cases to determine what legal issues apply, and decide how to best advance a theory of defense after the fact.

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The law firm of Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. is prepared to represent clients in all types of criminal appellate cases. We have the research skills and legal drafting experience to prepare powerful and persuasive arguments on your behalf. We have countless successful appellate decisions that have impacted criminal laws and procedure in federal courts and Florida state courts.

Mitch Stone has successfully appealed adverse trial court decisions for clients in criminal cases from DUI to federal gun charges to attempted murder. If you are an attorney seeking to refer a case or if you have been convicted of a crime or have otherwise lost an important decision in court and believe there are grounds to appeal a conviction or other adverse ruling it is important to file a notice of appeal before the deadline runs.


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