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There are substantial differences between state and federal court when you are charged with a crime. The rules of evidence and procedure are different. Federal law enforcement has greater resources, and federal prosecutors, judges and federal sentencing statutes can be tougher. Many federal offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. Certain offenses such as bank fraud mandate a term of incarceration if convicted.

Florida federal criminal defense attorney, Mitch Stone, practices regularly in federal court. He has tried numerous complex federal criminal cases to verdict. He has had success in all types of federal criminal cases from the granting of motions to dismiss, to securing the exclusion of evidence, and importantly in obtaining jury acquittals at trial. Federal crime lawyer, Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., has the resources, experience and knowledge to achieve favorable results for clients charged in federal court, as well as advancing post-conviction appeals of federal convictions or sentences when necessary.

If you have been contacted by federal law enforcement agents, were arrested on federal charges, or are the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., can help. Mitch Stone represents clients in Florida and all over the United States. Contact a federal lawyer near you immediately.


Mitch Stone is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer with 30 years of experience, including insights as a former prosecutor. He handles all federal charges:

Mitchell A. Stone brings his federal criminal defense experience to counter experienced and aggressive federal prosecutors and to keep federal law enforcement agencies from taking advantage of clients during their investigation, interrogation, arrest, search and seizure procedures, and at trial. He has achieved favorable results for clients in cases brought by the FBI, ATF, DEA, HSI, ICE, IRS, SEC, Secret Service, NSA, CIA and other investigative arms of the U.S. government. He has represented clients from all walks of life including professional athletes, politicians, police officers, corporate executives, city and county employees and military officers.

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When facing the power of the federal government with all that's at stake, you need a board certified Federal criminal defense lawyer who knows the federal court system and is willing to take your case to trial if warranted to protect your freedom.

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