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The experienced Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer, Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., defends clients against all traffic offenses. We help clients across Northeast Florida to avoid steep fines, points on their driving records, license suspensions, driving school, and convictions on their record.

Upon receiving a traffic ticket in the Jacksonville area, many motorists are tempted to pay the fine and "be done with it." The problem is that the state of Florida considers this a guilty plea, and assesses points against your Florida driver's license (or notifies the motor vehicle department in your home state) which could result in license suspensions or habitual traffic designations. Accumulation of too many points from convictions for traffic offenses can result in suspension of your license. Your auto insurance carrier will also raise your rates or drop coverage.

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Jacksonville Traffic Violations We Handle

Mitchell Stone is a Jacksonville traffic attorney who aggressively challenges the citation to get charges dismissed, reduced to a lesser offense, or resolved for a withhold of adjudication so no points are assessed. We defend clients against all traffic offenses in Florida including:

  • Speeding tickets or driving too fast for conditions
  • Reckless driving/careless driving
  • Road rage/aggressive driving
  • Failure to maintain lanes
  • Traffic signal violation/failure to yield
  • Driving while license is suspended (DWLS)
  • Driving without insurance
  • Open container of alcohol
  • Seat belt violations and equipment violations

Jacksonville Traffic Tickets

Jacksonville traffic tickets sometimes involve statutory interpretations and distinctions we can prove in court. If we can show there was no reasonable cause to stop a driver for speeding or careless driving, for instance, we can often get traffic citations dismissed.

Mitch Stone has successfully challenged speeding tickets clocked by radar, pacing and eye in the sky technology. If the citation resulted from a traffic accident, we try to prove that our client was not at fault or cannot be conclusively proved to be at fault. This is critical to avoid a lawsuit and keep a serious conviction off your record.

Defending Professional Drivers & Pilots

We understand that commercial drivers and airplane pilots risk losing their CDL license or pilot's license if convicted of DUI charges or certain traffic violations. We fight hard to wipe out the charges and preserve your livelihood.

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