Defending Clients In Healthcare Fraud Cases

If you or your business are the target of a state of federal investigation for health care fraud, the Jacksonville, Florida, criminal defense team at Stone Lockett offers the experienced representation to protect your rights and minimize the fallout.

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Our attorneys have represented medical doctors, chiropractors, medical professionals, medical supply companies, and individuals against federal and state court prosecutions. We have succeeded in getting charges dismissed in some cases, as well as negotiating pleas to lesser charges that avoid or reduce prison time. We understand that your livelihood, professional license and your freedom are on the line, and aggressively examine every avenue for challenging the government's charges.

Mitch Stone and the staff of Stone Lockett is equipped to handle charges of double billing, claims for unnecessary medical procedures, bogus insurance claims, prescription fraud, fake accidents and other claims. We help clients answer to allegations of:

  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Private health insurance fraud
  • ERISA and private disability insurance fraud

In addition to criminal proceedings, we represent health care professionals in related administrative proceedings before medical board and DEA licensing boards to avoid or minimize sanctions against their professional license.

Success Stories

Our firm has successfully represented a medical supply company against a 45-count indictment involving the sale of oxygen and wheelchairs, a chiropractor accused of excessive referrals to an MRI center, and a podiatrist accused of Medicaid/Medicare fraud. Stone Lockett is a firm known for its aggressive and thorough defense work. As such positive outcomes sometimes result without our clients having to ever enter the courtroom.

There are many legitimate defenses against Florida healthcare fraud allegations. We challenge the validity and execution of search warrants, the credibility of informants, entrapment tactics of undercover agents, and all other evidence in the prosecution's case. On many occasions, we have successfully moved for suppression of damaging evidence on these grounds, resulting in dismissal of indictments.

We aim to keep our clients out of prison and protect their professional reputation in what may be very public proceedings. It is important to retain legal counsel before answering any questions. "Cooperating" with investigators may be cooperating in your own downfall. For skilled and vigorous defense, contact our Florida defense lawyers today.