Sophisticated Defense for Fraud And Other White Collar Crimes

If investigators are asking questions or you have been arrested or indicted for a white collar crime, we understand what's at stake. We realize that the mere allegation of fraud, embezzlement or corruption jeopardizes careers and professional licenses, and ruins reputations. We understand that a conviction could mean years in prison.

Stone Lockett in Jacksonville, Florida provides a spirited and sophisticated defense for white collar crime allegations. Our criminal defense lawyers have countered charges initiated by the FBI, ATF, DEA and ICE, as well as the Justice Department arms of the IRS and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

We have guided clients to dismissed charges, acquittals at trial and other favorable outcomes for our clients under the circumstances. Contact us immediately if you have been connected to or suspect you are under investigation for:

  • Health Care Fraud — Fraudulent billing and other forms of Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud and private health insurance fraud
  • Bank Fraud - Obtaining loans using false allegations, embezzling funds from a bank, or otherwise obtaining funds using fraudulent means
  • Mortgage Fraud - Alleged collusion to obtain phony mortgages or flip properties at inflated prices, or homeowners fudging their loan applications to qualify
  • Government Fraud — Any fraud against a government program, federal agency or the U.S. Treasury, including bribery, rigged contracts, false claims and false filings
  • Credit Card Fraud — Procuring or selling credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, personal data or fake documents for monetary gain
  • Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture — Accusations of converting the proceeds of illicit activities through financial transactions or business fronts
  • Public Corruption — Elected or appointed officials accepting money or services in exchange for votes, contracts or other favors
  • Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion — False returns or failure to file, including complex schemes to shelter income or exaggerate write-offs
  • Securities Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Grand Theft
  • Embezzlement and Corporate Crimes
  • Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud
  • Perjury and Obstruction of Justice
  • Conspiracy
  • Credit Union Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Social Security Fraud

Our attorneys have represented physicians; administrators and billing clerks; public officials; accounting and tax professionals; securities brokers; corporate executives and officers; and individuals of all walks of life.

See our Success Stories for examples of our accomplishments in white collar crimes defense. Or call us now at 904-396-3335 to arrange a confidential consultation with Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Mitch Stone.