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DUI Appeals

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Fighting a DUI License Suspension

At Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., in Jacksonville, Florida, we have the proven skills to appeal your criminal and DUI charges. When bad things happen to good people, it is important to have an experienced lawyer in your corner to provide you with aggressive and dedicated representation.

Attorneys Mitchell Stone has won significant appellate decisions in the state of Florida concerning DUI cases, including one appellate decision that is considered to be the most important decision concerning expert testimony in DUI trials in several years.

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Our Aggressive Team Has the Experience You Need

Our team has decades of experience litigating and winning many jury trials and appeals for our clients.

Attorney Mitch Stone is a well-known and aggressive Jacksonville criminal defense attorney who has lectured across the state of Florida on multiple DUI-related topics. He is also the chair of the annual Blood, Breath and Tears DUI Defense seminar. He has won multiple DUI trials and appeals for his clients and has more than two decades of experience fighting to protect the rights of those charged with DUI.

Past Cases from Successful Florida DUI Appeals Attorneys

STATE OF FLORIDA, Petitioner, v. CLEMENTS, Respondent.

1 st District. Case No. 1D07-2867

Below is a brief description of the case concerning DUI convictions and expert testimony. To read the courts' full published opinion, click here.

Criminal law — Driving under the influence — The Circuit Court acting in its appellate capacity did not depart from essential requirements of law when it reversed a DUI conviction and ordered a new trial on the ground that the defense should have been permitted to offer expert testimony tending to show that the defendant was not impaired at time the of arrest, even though he had consumed alcohol before getting behind wheel — State's petition for writ of certiorari denied.

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Additional Successful DUI Appeals


16 Fla. L. Weekly Supp. 124b

Licensing — Driver's license — Suspension — Refusal to submit to breath test — Actual physical control of vehicle — Evidence — Accident report privilege — Hearing officer erred in failing to suppress statements identifying licensee as driver that were made by licensee during accident investigation — Where reports admitted at hearing do not indicate that officers responding to the accident scene observed licensee behind the wheel, accident report identifies some other person with same name as licensee as driver, and civilian witness affidavits only identify driver as white male wearing gray shirt, but there is nothing to verify that licensee was person described or was wearing gray shirt, hearing officer's conclusion that licensee was driver is not supported by admissible evidence — Where hearing officer stated in decision that licensee performed unsatisfactorily on field sobriety exercises, but all reports in evidence indicate that exercises were never conducted, hearing officer denied licensee due process by departing from neutrality and manufacturing evidence to support decision — Petition for writ of certiorari granted


15 Fla. L. Weekly Supp. 1137b

Licensing — Driver's license — Suspension — Refusal to submit to breath test — Lawfulness of stop — Where officer who stopped licensee for excessive horn honking and following another vehicle too closely only noticed licensee after she reacted to being cut off by other vehicle that abruptly changed lanes in front of her without having safe distance for lane change and without signaling, and licensee committed no traffic violations after honking horn, hearing officer erred in finding that stop was justified by licensee's "erratic driving" — Petition for writ of certiorari granted

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