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Having your driver's license suspended immediately for a breath test result over the legal limit is just one of the consequences of being arrested for DUI in Florida. If convicted, jail time, heavy fines, further license suspensions, probation, counseling and a permanent criminal record follow. An experienced DUI defense lawyer is essential to help minimize these and other consequences.

One effective strategy for eliminating DUI charges is to challenge the Intoxilyzer 8000 breath test machine and its improper use. Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. has extensive experience litigating over these matters and can help you.

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Florida Lawyer Helping Individuals Fight the Intoxilyzer 8000 Breath Test Machine Results

Jacksonville DUI Defense lawyer Mitch Stone has extensive experience representing clients accused of DUI and related charges. He has litigated hundreds of DUI cases and conducted over 100 DUI jury trials. He has achieved a high percentage of acquittals, not guilty verdicts, dismissals and other favorable results. Mitch Stone is well-known across Florida for his successful and aggressive DUI defense strategies.

The staff at Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. will work with you to guide you through the system and Mitch will use his knowledge of the inner workings of breath test machines and the technology it is based on to develop a cutting-edge defense for your DUI charge if it is based on a breath test result. From challenging the calibration of the machine to the maintenance procedures and the manner in which it was used there are a variety of defenses that exist. Machine errors and other intervening conditions might also exist that are apparent only to experts in the field, we know how to uncover these problems to best protect your rights

Premier DUI Defense Lawyer

Not only do we provide dedicated representation to our clients, but Mitch Stone teaches other lawyers how to defend DUI breath test cases. Mitch Stone has chaired and been faculty of several DUI seminars that have featured breath testing and scientific defenses. He is considered one of the top DUI defense lawyers in the state of Florida.

Defending Your Rights & Challenging Breath Test Results

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