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At Stone Lockett, we make a point of knowing more than the prosecution about the law and about the case. This is never more important than when a client is facing hard time for violent crimes and firearms offenses.

Florida Stand Your Ground Laws and Other Defenses

Our experienced defense attorneys present powerful defenses intended to keep our client out of prison. See Success Stories for examples of our cases across northeast Florida and statewide involving violent crime allegations.

If you or someone you know is at risk of spending years in prison, or facing capital charges that carry the death penalty, you need to the best representation available. Contact our Jacksonville office for a free, confidential consultation.

Felony Charges • Federal Charges • Capital Offenses

We have literally handled the full spectrum of violent crimes:

No Case Is Too Big. No Case Is Hopeless.

Stone Lockett defends people who think that nothing can be done for them. We have prevailed in state and federal criminal cases against skilled prosecutors and the vast resources of the federal, state and local government, in which clients faced years or life in prison.

Mitch Stone is a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with 20 years of experience and a key background as a former Assistant State Attorney. Mr. Stone, Lee Lockett and the accomplished criminal defense attorneys at Stone Lockett have represented clients facing first degree murder and felony murder who not only escaped life sentences or execution, but in some cases walked free or were convicted on lesser charges.

Because of the harsh penalties for conviction and the limited leeway for reduction of charges, our goal is dismissal of charges or acquittal at trial. From our first discussion, we are preparing for your day in court to convince the jury that the prosecution can't support its case.

For experienced violent crime defense, call our Jacksonville office at 904-396-3335 immediately. We provide a free, confidential consultation.