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It is important to understand the complexity of cases involving domestic battery. At Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., we focus on the motives of the accuser, demonstrating in many cases that domestic battery charges are unwarranted and result from unfounded accusations.

If you have been charged with or arrested for spousal abuse, child abuse, or domestic violence, it is important that you do not answer questions or make any statement without an attorney present. Any explanations are better made by your lawyer on your behalf, rather than in the emotionally charged setting of an interrogation or arrest.

Contact our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer if you would like a confidential, free consultation with an attorney experienced in defense against domestic battery charges. At that time, you can discuss the allegations of abuse, the evidence being used against you, and your options.

Often claims of domestic violence, including domestic battery, stalking, child abuse, and charges of violating restraining orders, are the result of false accusations made by a party involved in a divorce or child custody action.

In such cases, we make it a point to show the prosecution the motives of the accuser. We use investigators to locate the outside witnesses or independent evidence needed to disprove the case against our client. In many cases, Attorney Mitch Stone is able to negotiate for a dismissal or reduced charges to ensure against the adverse consequences of a conviction for domestic violence.

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At Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., our Jacksonville domestic battery lawyer works for dismissal or acquittal of clients in the courts of Northeast Florida, including the communities of Fernandina Beach, Green Cove Springs, Saint Augustine, Baldwin, and Mayport; and Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County, and St. Johns County.

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