Defending Clients Facing Bribery, Extortion Or Other Charges

Politicians and other public officials are in an especially vulnerable situation when charged with a crime involving public corruption. This type of case involves an individual who holds a public office, whether elected or appointed, and is accused of accepting payment, or other types of benefits, in return for favorable treatment. Benefits can include awarding of contracts, voting, lobbying, or championing a cause that wouldn't be a benefit to their constituents.

At the office of Stone Lockett, we take the time to analyze the nature of the allegations that are being made against the public official. Defense of public corruption charges requires a sophisticated response. We carefully investigate the circumstances and evidence in order to determine if the charges are groundless or motivated by disgruntled political opponents. Our lawyers are experienced defending a wide range of criminal matters, which aids in our ability to tailor the way in which we approach your case to suit your needs.

Some of the specific types of public corruption matters that we handle include:

  • Bribery
  • Payoffs
  • Embezzlement of public funds
  • Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Misappropriating funds

In addition to representing a public official in these types of cases, our firm may be able to represent an individual that is accused of or charged with bribing an official or enticing the official to commit other acts of public corruption.

Sunshine Law Violations and Other Minor Political Criminal Allegations

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and its government is subject to a sunshine law. This is a statute that requires government officials to provide notice to the public if the officials are going to meet and discuss any public business. The law also imposes an obligation to notify the public when the meeting is to take place, where it is taking place, and that an open door policy be enforced.

Although the criminal sanctions for open meeting violations are minimal, the effect on a politician's political future can be severe. Our defense attorneys defend politicians alleged to have violated the sunshine law, whether by failing to announce the meeting, changing the subject matter or any other alleged violation. We understand the need to handle these matters confidentially, aggressively and with discretion.

For experienced public corruption defense, contact a defense attorney at the Jacksonville, Florida office of Stone Lockett today. Let us help you take control of the charges you are facing.