Fighting Identity Theft Charges For Our Florida Clients

State and federal agencies have invested in special investigators and high-tech resources to combat the rise in identity theft, credit card fraud and Internet crimes. If authorities have connected you to such a crime, you will need an attorney experienced in countering the government's allegations.

Stone Lockett in Jacksonville defends charges of identity fraud, theft, forgery and misappropriation of personal data across northeast Florida and statewide. By aggressively challenging the evidence and the way it was obtained, we have enabled many clients to avoid prosecution, beat the charges at trial or soften the punishments. Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Identity Theft, Credit Card Theft or Internet Fraud

We have represented individuals in state and federal courts on all manner of financial crimes and identity fraud, including clients connected to identity theft rings or employees accused of abusing access to private data:

  • Credit card fraud — Unauthorized purchases using another person's card or card numbers
  • Identity theft — Obtaining Social Security numbers, birth certificates, ID cards, computer passwords or other data or documents to assume the identity of another
  • Forged documents — Driver's licenses, immigration papers, checks
  • Selling credit card information, Social Security numbers, fake IDs or full package "identities"
  • Hacking into bank accounts or other accounts via computer
  • Internet fraud — cons and scams, "phishing" for credit card account numbers or personal data

In addition to fraud or theft, prosecutors often bring charges of wire fraud, mail fraud or criminal conspiracy, any of which can add years of prison time.

Sophisticated Defense for Serious Charges

Mitch Stone is a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer and former prosecutor with 20 years of experience. He has secured jury acquittals, dismissals and has convinced the government to drop charges by exposing the weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

If someone is pointing the finger at our client to avoid prosecution we work to expose their deal with the government. We use experienced forensic investigators to find out if others had access to our client's computer or to the same personal or financial data that was stolen. If there is evidence that our client was enriched by the alleged crime we analyze information to demonstrate our client had no criminal intent.

We exhaust all resources to determine any possible defenses that apply to our client's case. We are prepared to defend against any allegations and tenaciously test the prosecution's evidence to make it difficult for the government to prove its case. If necessary, we understand the parameters of all types of charges in order to advise our clients of the sentencing exposure they may be facing so they can make informed decisions. It is our aim to provide options for resolutions other than trial and always make it a point to negotiate effectively so our clients can avoid stiff prison terms.

Find out where you stand. Call our Jacksonville office at 904-396-3335 for a free, confidential consultation or reach us online and we will respond shortly.