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Assault Charges: The Rest of the Story

Police don't always talk to the right people or ask the right questions when making an arrest for assault and battery. The result is serious criminal charges based on a one-sided investigation.

The law firm of Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. is committed to revealing the rest of the story and providing viable defenses to avoid a conviction. Attorney Mitch Stone's representation has led to dismissed charges, exclusion of tainted testimony, and jury acquittals. See our Success Stories for examples of proven criminal defense strategies.

If you or a family member are charged with an assault of any kind, contact our Jacksonville offices immediately for a free consultation. We represent clients charged in state or federal courts on assault charges.

Assault, Battery & Aggravated Assault

Misdemeanor assault charges like stalking, threats and harassment and battery charges like domestic violence, fighting, child abuse and other acts resulting in physical harm can be serious crimes that will affect your future if convicted.

Attorney Mitch Stone has represented clients face successfully on all types of violent offenses such as:

We Will Fight Your Assault Charges

Assault crimes are commonly overcharged. Simple assault carries a maximum sentence of 60 days, while simple battery is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. There is also a fine line between felony battery (punishable by up to five years in prison) and aggravated battery (which can carry a prison term of up to 15 years) 10-20-life enhancements for firearms can also apply ramping up the punishment exposure to life in prison. Our first goal is to get charges dismissed or reduced to charges more appropriate to the circumstances and the actual harm to the alleged victim.

We conduct an investigation of our own to explore possible defenses or to expose mitigating factors. Stand Your Ground, self-defense, defense of another, provocation, mutual combat, motive to fabricate charges, and mis-identification of our client as the assailant have all been defenses deployed by Mitch Stone and have resulted in dismissals and not guilty verdicts at trial.

Mitchell A. Stone, P.A. has defended clients who have been in bar fights and scuffles at parties, school fights, altercations at public events, and many other scenarios where violence occurred. We are well-versed in Stand Your Ground and The Castle Doctrine which allows people to use deadly force in the defense of their homes and allows people to use force to defend themselves or others from physical violence. Our Jacksonville assault attorney has effectively used these defenses in hearings and at trial for our clients who have been granted Stand Your Ground immunity or if not have been found not guilty at trial. We understands the intricacies of how these defenses apply.

We Are Committed to Securing Your Freedom

Mitch Stone is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer who is prepared to take your case to a jury to secure your freedom. Call us at (904) 263-5005 or contact us online to arrange a free, confidential consultation.

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