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Mitchell StoneJacksonville, Florida, Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you are facing criminal charges at any level of offense, the outcome can vary widely depending on the skill of your attorney. The experienced criminal defense lawyers of Stone Lockett ensure that you do not needlessly suffer higher consequences than necessary.

The high quality of representation provided by attorneys at Stone Lockett is demonstrated by our success in having charges against our clients dismissed or reduced, negotiating favorable plea bargains on their behalf, or winning acquittals at trial.

If you or a friend is in trouble, you may feel that no one could help in this situation. Often, even when the initial facts seem clear cut, we demonstrate to the judge and jury that the State has not proved our client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Below are brief summaries of representative cases we have tried. Each situation is unique - please contact a criminal defense lawyer at our Jacksonville office to discuss ways in which we can help you. We offer a confidential free consultation with no obligation.

Favorable Verdicts: Fraud and White Collar Crime

Attorney Mitchell Stone has been representing clients in white collar crime and federal drug cases for over fifteen years. Mitch Stone has effectively represented his clients against all types of federal prosecution. He has prevailed in numerous federal criminal jury trials and has obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts. In a two-year span Mitch Stone won five consecutive federal criminal jury trials.

  • In one federal bank fraud and money laundering victory, a real estate investor was indicted on sixteen federal counts, including conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, based on four years of transactions. Although key witnesses, including the attorney who conducted the real estate closing, entered into plea bargains and testified against our client, all charges of bank fraud and money laundering were dismissed, and the remaining conspiracy wire fraud counts ended in a hung jury.
  • In a federal firearms charge, Stone defended a record producer accused of several federal firearms violation. After several days of trial and multiple witnesses testifying against our client the jury agreed with Stone and found our client not guilty of all charges. As a result his recording business continues to prosper.
  • In a federal drug trafficking conspiracy case our Bahamian client was accused of importing multiple kilos of cocaine into the United States. He faced life in prison Seven convicted cocaine dealers testified our client was their source of supply. Customs records showed our client entering the country 24 times in a two year time span. Bank records showed wire transfers into our client's bank account and phone records seemed to support the seven dealers' testimony. Despite what seemed like a mountain of evidence we established a logical and valid defense that destroyed the government's case and our client was found not guilty by a jury of all charges. He resides in Nassau as a free man.
  • In a Social Security fraud case we defended a woman accused of stealing over $70,000 from Social Security over a five year period. We proved at trial that the agent negligently investigated the case and jumped to conclusions that were not supported by evidence that Stone uncovered through a diligent search of government records. The jury found our client not guilty of all charges despite a written confession the agent was able to get our client to sign.

We have also succeeded in obtaining the dismissal of fraud, firearms, conspiracy and drug trafficking charges based on speedy trial violations, unlawful search and seizure, improper wiretaps and other constitutional violations.

Defending DUI and Traffic Violations

Our attorneys have won numerous decisions for clients accused of drunk driving and traffic offenses. Please visit our DUI defense site for more information and documentation of these successes.