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Tallahassee isn't busy just tackling opposing team's quarterbacks these days. The town is tackling some real big DUI/DWI issues as well this spring. Check this out!

"Detective You": Conduct a DUI/DWI investigation over the holidays.

Ever wonder if you or your friends are too impaired to drive? Ever needed to convince a friend or relative that they drank too much spiked egg nog to drive and may be DUI ? Have some fun this holiday season with some friends and administer the sobriety exercises yourself?

The "Bloody" Truth about DUI/DWI Blood Draw cases

Okay, so Halloween was a few weeks ago and this "vampiresque" topic would have been oh so appropro. But I missed it, sorry, but it is still important to understand when the police can request (or force) you to provide a blood sample in lieu of breath.


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