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Hiring The Best DUI Attorney

You would never buy the first house you visit would you? Have you ever purchased the first car you looked at? Well make sure you shop smart for your lawyer as well. 

Hiring the right attorney is crucial. It literally could mean the difference between jail and your freedom. It could mean the difference between a conviction or acquittal. In the civil arena it could mean the difference between a mllion dollar verdict or a ten thousand dollar settlement. Make sure you do your due dilligence before retaining an attorney.

Attorneys, like cars and houses, come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have tried over 40 trials. Some have never stood before a jury. DUI cases are special. They involve an area of the law that is unique. DUI's are opinion crimes. There is no "easy" DUI case. It's not as simple as a burglary case for example. Fingerprints, witnesses, and a confession equals a quick conviction. Although that may be an oversimplification, there are no "fingerprints" in a DUI case. What does an "impaired" person look like? How do you know if the breathalyzer machine was working or properly maintained and calibrated? Was the stop lawful? Were the sobriety exercises administered per the NHTSA standards? What about my license and the DMV hearing process?

Only attorneys that primarily practice DUI defense can assist you with these difficult questions and issues. You wouldn't hire a podiatrist to assist you with a neck injury would you? Well why hire your mom's best friend from college who practices divorce law to defend you on your DUI? Just becasue she's mom best friend? A client of mine recently came to me and asked if his DUI could be sealed if he was convicted. I told him no becasue DUI convictions always result in an adjudication rendering anyone ineligible who has a DUI conviction. The client then emailed me a link to a firm in Tampa who proclaimed to be able to seal DUI convictions. I read it with disappointment and disdain. Why are these lawyers even practicing law I asked myself. Why would they so carelessly post things on the internet that are blatantlhy false? 

Find a lawyer who knows DUIs. Find their website and read about what they do. Ask them how many DUI trials they've had over the last year.  Anything less than two or three isn't enough. Find out what percentage of their cases are DUIs. Anything less than 70% isn't enough. Find out if they are members of any prestigious DUI associations such as the NCDD or DUIDLA. If not, they probably aren't serios DUI defenders. If you have any questions about your DUI case, check out our helpful DUI dedicated website or call 904-858-9818. 


I thought that you made a really important point about how hiring the right attorney for DUI cases is important because of how difficult they are to handle. You're right, they can be tricky cases for any lawyer to tackle, because of how it can be difficult to identify what an impaired person looks like after an accident, especially if sobriety tests weren't administered, or if the breathalyzer wasn't working properly. That's why it's so important for people who are convicted with a DUI like my brother to hire an experienced attorney.

Thanks Judy. DUI's really are different, and the attorney can make a difference in many cases.

Lee, you make a great point by explaining how important it is to hire an experienced lawyer if you are dealing with a DUI. It makes sense that you would want to consult with someone who has experience dealing with other DUI cases. I would think that it is safer to work with someone who is quite familiar with the laws and proceedings of a DUI case.

Thanks Marie, and you're right. DUI's really are a specialized area and many attorneys quite frankly don't handle enough of them to adequately understand the intricacies of DUI Defense.

My neighbor is looking for a DUI lawyer for his daughter, and I'll make sure that I find one for him. I'll make sure to find a lawyer that has experience with DUI cases. That way he can have someone that knows what to expect.

I appreciate the information on hiring the best DUI attorney. I agree that it is important to ensure that you get an attorney that has experience and knows what they are doing with a jury because DUI's aren't simple to deal with. My cousin is in need of a DUI attorney because he got in a little trouble, I will be sure to share this information with him.

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