What Are Your Options After Conviction?

Many times in State Court people are convicted of crimes without the assistance of a lawyer or if they had a lawyer the lawyers assistance was ineffective. In those cases we can review transcripts of the proceedings to determine if the conviction should stand. At Stone Lockett we understand that a conviction for any crime can have a dramatic, long-lasting impact on their lives. We have successfully challenged convictions years after the fact for charges such as robbery, burglary, domestic battery, DUI, drug offenses, theft and sexual offenses. Motions for post conviction relief must be filed within two years of the conviction or within two years of the date the person learned of a significant fact that otherwise was unavailable to them at the time of their conviction. We understand the legal, procedural and technical nature of these proceedings and we have successfully been able to reverse convictions and remove criminal records for our clients who otherwise thought they would forever be branded a criminal.

Post-Conviction Relief for Immigrants

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Often a well-established legal immigrant finds that an old criminal conviction surfaces, exposing the person to deportation, denial of citizenship, and denial of other privileges. In many cases, the immigrant was convicted as the result of poor legal advice or representation, and they have lived productive, trouble-free lives in the years since. Through petitions for post-conviction relief, immigrants can have criminal records cleared and remain in the US or pursue US citizenship.

At Stone Lockett in Jacksonville, we have developed effective strategies to assist non-citizens in petitions for post-conviction relief. Our lawyers work with our client's immigration attorney to ensure that we understand the specific relief needed and that all aspects of the matter are addressed completely, preventing future problems. Contact our Jacksonville, Florida office to arrange a free consultation about your situation.

Effective measures we employ in post-conviction relief applications include:

  • motions to reduce felonies to misdemeanors
  • motions to modify a conviction, reducing it from an aggravated felony to a simple felony
  • motions that demonstrate that the conviction was inappropriate because the immigrant was not properly advised of the consequences of a guilty plea or conviction

If you have been prosecuted for or convicted of the following offenses, you may require our assistance to prevent deportation, loss of employability, or denial of citizenship:

We have assisted US immigrants from a variety of European and Latin American countries and the Caribbean, including Poland, Albania, Russia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, Cuba, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti. If you or someone you know has received a notice of removal or is facing denial of citizenship because of a conviction in the courts of Florida, post-conviction relief may be available. Contact our Jacksonville law firm and ask to speak with a lawyer. We provide free consultations and welcome referrals.

At Stone Lockett in Jacksonville, Florida, white collar crime attorneys represent clients statewide in cases involving white collar crime or federal charges, and in the courts of northeast Florida, including the communities of Fernandina Beach, Green Cove Springs, Saint Augustine, Baldwin, and Mayport; and Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County, and St. Johns County, in defense against a wide variety of criminal charges.