Should I Talk To The Police?

In the event you or someone you know is arrested or under investigation for a crime, it is extremely important that your rights are not violated. The Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution provide that everyone has the right to remain silent and the right to the assistance of an attorney. We recommend that our clients immediately exercise those rights in order to protect against abuses.

Communicating with law enforcement at any stage of the proceedings without a knowledgeable, highly skilled attorney is not recommended. Our attorneys provide clients with contact information and take phone calls after hours and on weekends in case of emergency situations. We have been able to assist our clients when they are unexpectedly confronted with accusations. If you are arrested, it is advisable to request to speak to a lawyer before making any statements. In the event communication with law enforcement is determined to be beneficial, it should take place in the presence of your lawyer to ensure that you are statements are not misinterpreted or changed.

It is important that any statement made to law enforcement be complete, accurate and not taken out of context. There are countless situations where people are convicted due to statements made without the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Law enforcement officers can make mistakes either intentionally or inadvertently when taking statements from the accused. Having a lawyer present helps prevent against problems that may arise due to miscommunication or manipulation. The attorneys at Stone Lockett understand how making statements to law enforcement can sometimes be advisable and in those circumstances having a lawyer present helps you in these sensitive situations. Your rights are important to us and we believe they should be important to you too. As such we make ourselves available to ensure that you are protected at the inception of the law enforcement investigation against you.