If you or someone you know is under suspicion or has been charged with a crime, whether a felony or lesser offense, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney before making any statement or responding to questions from police, investigators, or prosecutor

Mitch Stone always makes it a point to know as much or more than the opposition knows: about the law, about the facts and about the evidence. Often, he can demonstrate that the state lacks the evidence to prove its case, or that there were flaws in procedure requiring that the case must be dismissed. Contact our Jacksonville law offices for a confidential, free consultation about your situation.

Our Criminal Law Practice

Drug crimes — Drug crime convictions can have a devastating impact on your life. Mitch Stone provides skilled and creative defense strategies to challenge the government's case.

Fraud and white-collar crimes — The agents and prosecutors are experienced, educated and trained to develop evidence to convict. Stone provides a sophisticated defense methodology to counter these financial crimes investigations by the FBI, DEA, IRS, SEC, and other state and federal agencies. Stone is experienced in handling major indictments including:

Violent crimes and weapons charges — State and federal authorities have made the prosecution of these type cases a priority. Minimum mandatory sentencing and enhanced prison terms apply to convictions in this arena. Board-certified criminal trial lawyer Mitch Stone has developed effective strategies to counter such prosecutions. As a result, clients have experienced favorable results, including suppression of evidence, dismissal and not guilty verdicts at trial.

Sexual offenses — Few charges involve as much emotion and prejudice against the accused as sex crimes. The reality for an accused convicted of a sex crime includes harsh prison terms and sexual offender registration requirements. Mitchell A. Stone, is a former sex crimes prosecutor. He has the experience, knowledge and reputation to ensure his clients are treated fairly even in the face of such egregious allegations. He have consistently produced favorable results due to smart, effective and aggressive defense work.

DUI and driving offenses — Mitchell A. Stone is recognized across Florida and the United States as an authority on drunk driving defense. Stone has trained other lawyers, has taught other lawyers and is prepared to defend DUI cases at all stages including jury trials. Mitch Stone has conducted over 100 criminal DUI jury trials to verdict.

Mitchell A. Stone has the experience building successful and powerful criminal defense cases in all areas, including:

  • BUI and boating offenses/fish and wildlife violations — Boating under the influence is as serious as DUI in a car
  • Theft, burglary and property crimes — Stone is a contributing author of a published treatise on property crimes. Stone has defended clients on countless misdemeanor property crimes as well as major felony property crimes. Stone does not allow his clients to be convinced unnecessarily.
  • Juvenile crimes — Stone prosecuted juveniles and understands that kids make mistakes. He works to protect the rights of your child in order to prevent a bad decision from ruining his or her future.
  • Law enforcement defense — There is no leniency when police officers are accused of crimes; prosecutors and judges are eager to prove that no one is above the law. Stone understands that everyone including police sometimes find themselves in the crushers of an investigation. Police are people too and everyone deserves the best defense available. Stone has represented police officers the same as anyone else. Favorable results are important to us.
  • Grand jury proceedings — Stone knows the law and knows how to advise and represent targets of investigations, witnesses or subjects who might be later indicted in state or federal grand jury sessions.
  • Post-conviction relief — Mitchell A. Stone, P.A., represents clients who have been convicted and need help. Post conviction motions, motions to reduce sentences and criminal appeals are used regularly by Stone to the benefit of his clients including those with special circumstances, reopening old convictions for immigrants facing deportation or barriers to citizenship can lead to citizenship where no hope existed before.

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